Sunday School Plan

Christ’s Community Church has structured its Sunday School classes around central themes according to age groups.

Elementary School Рstudents are taught the stories of the Bible in a chronological manner beginning with creation in Genesis and going through the journeys of Paul in Acts. The text used for the class is the Bible itself. Students are encouraged to read in class from the Bible and discuss the passages. It takes about 4 years worth of classes to cover all of the stories.

Middle School – students use the Bible (principally the four Gospels) as the text to study the life and ministry of Jesus. Memorization of scripture and acts of service to ones family, the church family, and the community are emphasized. It takes about 3 years of classes to cover this curriculum.

High School – students are taught by the pastor about various topics that young adult Christians are confronted with as they move on past high school. Topics include: apologetics, the history of the Christian church, and the formation and reliability of the scriptures.

Adult Рvarious topics of historical and contemporary significance to the Christian church are discussed in this class. Examples of topics covered are apologetics, Church history, faith lessons from the holy land, science and faith, etc.